Friday, July 22, 2011

85 percent of all products seized at EU border originate from China

85 percent?!.
If only the other IP infringing countries could sue China
for anti-competitive behaviour...
For the statistically inclined, Commisioner Algirdas Šemeta, responsible for customs of the European Union, shared some results about the seizures at the EU border. According to the Lithuanian:

-  "Overal, China continued to be the main source country from where goods suspected of infringing an
IPR were sent to the EU (85% of the total amount of articles)."
- Hong Kong was the main source for memory cards. 

Read the complete 33-page Report on EU customs enforcement of intellectual property rights, results at the EU border 2010 here

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Michael Gomez said...

it is obvious.. China has the largest commodity production market, hence they export the most of its production abroad...
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