Monday, September 05, 2011

Sword Is Going After The Counterfeit Source

"The Way of the Sword is from the beginning difficult to learn.
Like a Dragon or Rainbow it is subtle and mysterious.
Should it be used like a hacking Sabre, 
the immortal Zhang Sanfeng die of laughter."
Photo: Danny Friedmann
Remember the campaign that started in November 2010 and will end until the end of 2011, called Bright Sword (read How bright is Bright Sword here)? Well, the name is made a bit more prosaic: Bright Sword Action and the organisational structure has changed too: "From September 1 to December 31, 2011, nationwide public security organs under the deployment of the Ministry of Public Security will carry out the decisive Sword Action so as to combat IPR infringement and counterfeiting." Read at the site of here.

As of July 2011, the results of the public security organs were according to as follows: 
  • The public security organs had solved 17,773 cases valued at 14,050 million yuan;
  • arrested 31,392 suspects and identified 4,537 criminals;
  • destroyed 13,124 illegal sites;
  • dismantled 4,537 criminal gangs.
Although IP Dragon is not a big fan of mass enforcement campaigns that are announced so that the culprits are warned the decision to go after the source is definitely a good development. "In view of the features of counterfeiting, more intensive efforts should be focused on the destruction of the crime source."

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