Tuesday, August 14, 2007

IP in China; Never a Dull Moment

As the previous message pointed out, IP Dragon was occupied, so when I resumed blogging I immediately was confirmed by the facts and developments that this field of law is dynamic and fascinating, indeed:

America's WTO case against China challenging deficiencies in IPR laws have reached a new status, the US Trade Representative announced today (August 13, 2007) in a press release: the request of a WTO panel, which will be considered by the WTO Dispute Settlement Body at its next meeting, scheduled August 31. The other WTO case, challenging unsufficient market access affecting copyright intensive industries, the United States has just completed supplemental consultations with China and is considering next steps. Read about the previous disastrous obligatory Sino-American WTO consultations, that lead to this new status of the dispute, here.

More news:

- Stan Abrams of China Hearsay, one of IP Dragon's favourite blogs, has moved from Lehman, Lee & Xu in Beijing to DLA Piper Beijing. Success at your new law firm.

- Dan Harris and Steve Dickenson of ChinaLawBlog won the China Blog Awards in the category business and law blogs in the contest organised by Chinalyst. Covering all law of China, and regularly producing great blogs, winning the award is well deserved. Congratulations.

- IP Dragon, also nominated for Chinalyst's China Blog Awards in the category business and law blogs, got to number 11 out of 30 nominees. Not too bad for a niche player specialising in the segment IP in China. Readers who voted for IP Dragon, thank you.

The other things relevant to IP in China that happened in this two weeks no-blogging interval are covered in my upcoming thesis (Paper Tiger or Roaring Dragon, China's TRIPs Implementations and Enforcement', which is evaluated at the moment for a grade, and will be published on this blog. They say patience is virtue.

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