Wednesday, November 28, 2007

China Bad News For Thailand's Counterfeit Manufacturers

Jeffrey Sheban wrote another insightful article about the counterfeiting industry, entitled 'Thailand's counterfeit pipeline' for the Columbus Dispatch. Don't worry, IP Dragon has not lost its focus on IP in China. Mr Sheban observed that Thailand is the hub for Chinese counterfeit products.

Rusty Lerner, who runs Quantico Ltd., one of the largest private investigation shops in the region says: "China has taken over most of the manufacturing (of legitimate and illicit goods) because the labor there is just so cheap," he said. While Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar have plenty of factories, those countries increasingly serve as conduits for Chinese-made goods pouring into Thailand. Ray Tai, a Hong Kong-based lawyer responsible for policing adidas brands in Asia, can attest to the recent change. "They all have their counterfeit goods, but in the past couple of years, the Chinese counterfeiting machine has basically wiped them off the map."

Read Sheban's article here.

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