Thursday, April 17, 2008

China and EU Customs Unveiled Plans to Share Information

The EU and China unveiled plans for an intelligence network to share information among ports to crackdown on counterfeiting. Source WIPO Magazine (February 2008, no.1).

"Despite the increased efforts of the Chinese authorities to crackdown on counterfeiting, EU Customs Commissioner Laszlo Kovacs said that China is currently the main source of counterfeit goods seized in European ports. The intelligence network will help to tighten enforcement, resulting in greater controls in both European and Chinese ports."

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Gilman Grundy said...

Went to an interesting talk given by the DG of TAXUD last weekend as part of the last EIPIN symposium - 79% of all cases where counterfeit goods are seized entering the EU are from China. Now, for reasons which I went into greater details on elsewhere, this may not be the whole story, but that's a pretty impressive figure.