Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Xiamen Cyberpolice Stealed the Logo of Microsoft's Internet Explorer?

CH of Mobimania pointed me to the Xiamen cyberpolice who uses the logo of E of Internet Explorer, the browser of of Microsoft. Did they get permission to use it? See their website here.


Anonymous said...

It's a nationwide thing - not just Xiamen. I have an image lying around taken from a Southern Metropolis Daily webpage (now deleted or moved) with a Guangdong IE-branded police box, and the Jissbon splash page has a bouncing Wuhan box.

I emailed Microsoft's IP people back in June 2006, but they didn't respond and I completely forgot about it.

Flora Sapio said...

It's not just them using the logo, most of the Fujian cyberpolice websites use it too!!! Have a look at the links listed at the bottom of the page.

Gilman Grundy said...

1) It's not exactly the same - there's been a colour change (yes, I know, but this is China). It is also only part of the mark, and this part has been added to a larger original component (the booth).

2) Is it actually a registered TM in China? If it is, is it registered for 'law enforcement'? Remember the 'Windows' decision - it is unlikely to be judged a famous mark.

3) Can't they claim state immunity on this?

4) Most importantly - why would Microsoft want to annoy the cops by bringing action? I doubt that dilution or acquiescence can be argued from this - but any commercial use should be hounded.