Friday, December 19, 2008

Beer and Logic: If Taiwan Beer Is Sold In China Trademark Issue Is Solved In China

Mr Lin Tzann-feng, senior vice president of Taiwan Tobacco Liquor (TTL) Corporation said about the possibility of selling Taiwan Beer 台灣啤酒 in China, according to The China Post: "We are confident on the opening of the Chinese market, once the trademark issue is solved, perhaps earlier next year." Read the China Post article here. It is speculating why China closed its borders for Taiwan Beer.

The Shanghai Daily reported that Taiwan Beer will be sold in February 2009 on China's mainland after a 10-year struggle for access. Read the Shanghai Daily article here.

Non sequitur
According to the logical fallacy 'affirming the consequent' if Taiwan Beer will be sold February next year, the trademark issue must be solved, at least according the quote in the China Post article.
  • If Taiwan trademark issue is solved in China then Taiwan beer is sold in China (If A is true, then B is true);
  • Taiwan beer is sold in China (B is stated to be true);
  • So the Taiwan Beer trademark issue is solved in China (Therefore, A must be true).

Like in a 'non sequitur', there can be more reasons why B is stated to be true, without the necessity that A must be true.

Read another IP Dragon article about the Longlife cigarettes trademark of the TTL Corporation here.

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