Monday, March 09, 2009

AMP: "Economic Crisis Should Make German Government Act More Aggressively Against Counterfeiters"

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (DPA) interviewed Mr Rüdiger Stihl, chairman of the Aktionskreises gegen Produkt- und Markenpiraterie (APM). The resulting article at the site of N24 (in German) gives a good overview of the damages that are caused by counterfeit products originating from China (for 75 percent) and Turkey (10 percent) and the measures that APM is proposing.

APM claims that:
  • the counterfeit products on the German market represent a value of an estimated 30 million euro;
  • 70.000 jobs in Germany are lost because of the counterfeit products.

APM demands more agressive measures from the governement, especially now during the economic crisis:

  • counterfeiters should get draconic sanctions, including imprisonment;
  • not only should the counterfeit products be seized that tourists bought, but they should get a fine as well.

To raise public awareness and sensitise German citizens, APM is organising an exhibition, called 'Schöner Schein. Dunkler Schatten' which means 'Glamour appearance. Dark shadow', that will be held medio 2010 in 30 German shopping centres and must inform 10 million consumers about the risks of counterfeit products.

Bleak reminder

Market price of 1 kilo counterfeit viagra: 90,000 euro (dealers are in many cases not even prosecuted); Market price 1 kilo heroin: 40,000 euro (dealers are risking high jail sentences). You can guess what is the most profitable/low risk business for organised crime.

Update: Mr John Bingham wrote an article for the in which he claims that drug dealers switch from cocaine to fake viagra, read here.

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