Friday, May 15, 2009

Business Leaders' Advice On Succeeding in China: IPR, IPR and IPR

The Knowledge@W.P. Carey newsletter of the W.P. Carey School of Business, Arizona State University, has a great series of articles: 'Trade, China and the World Economic Order'. Part 3 is called: Business Leaders' Advice on Succeeding in China.' Herein, sensible things are said about intellectual property rights in China:
  • "Hit-and-miss IP regulation is a significant inhibitor to development in China," said W.P. Carey School's Phillip Carter [professor supply chain management]. To work around that challenge, companies should not enter China with their most cutting-edge technology.
  • Now that China's domestic companies have moved up the value chain, becoming significantly better at innovating their own technologies, they too are pushing the government for intellectual property rights protection in China.
  • While the joint venture model may be great for China and its demestic firms, Motorola's Gary Tooker advises against it. "The best model to incorporate in China is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the American or multinational company," he said." Again to avoid to intellectual property problems.
Read Part Three here.

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