Thursday, January 14, 2010

R.I.P. Thanks To Censorship and IP Infringements Or Just Face-saving Exit? is threatening to pull out of China, because of "a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google." Read the official Google blog about it here.

- Of course it is not clear whether Google is bluffing? If they do, China probably would not care less, since Baidu, China's market leader, is China's preferred search engine anyways.
- If they don't bluff, the question is whether the censorship, vulnerability to sophisticated hacker-attacks (hacking does not seem to be a problem exclusively targeted to or foreign companies only; days before Baidu was hacked) and the resulting intellectual property theft are the real reasons or whether Google wants to cut their losses after disappointing business results and do not want to lose face?

Many Chinese people have sympathy for Google's demands to be able to provide unfilitered search results and have laid flowers and wreaths at headquarters at Zhongguancun, Beijing's high-tech centre, which the Chinese authorities called "illegal". Then again, Joel Martinsen of the always excellent has an article by Gao Youbin who quotes a survey by Huanqiu Online: 70 percent of respondents say that the Chinese government should not give in to Google's demands, read here (the second part of the 'Earth-shattering news').

IP Dragon would love to know what kinds of intellectual property rights were stolen, as Google alleges. Do you know?


Anonymous said...

Good to see you're kissing the gov't ass -- but then you have to, don't you?

IP Dragon said...

I try to be as dispassionate about all IP in China issues. And I don't agree with you.

Please let me know what in my article is one-sided? Thanks

IP Dragon

Anonymous said...

It was alleged that source code of google was stolen, but there was not the official statement from Google.

Also, on the day when removed their filtering system, the search engine of also producing search result without filter. It was commonly agreed by the Chinese net citizen that Baidu is lagging behind in search engine technology and they actually stole / used as their back end. Again, Google never officially accused Baidu of this.

So what IP was stolen, there is never a court case yet.