Thursday, March 18, 2010

Nexocial, Dutch Copycat in China

Hugo Leijtens, an ex-Microsoft employee, went two years ago to Chengdu, he describes as the new Silicon Valley. There he became the Chief Technical Officer of Nexocial, a company that came up with an iPad clone in just three months: the nPad, which works on Microsoft Windows C. The nPad will be launched April 3, while the iPad will be launched next summer.

Presenter Jort Kelder of the Dutch television programme about entrepreneurs 'Bij ons in de BV' (With us in the private company) asked Mr Leijtens the following question: "Are you not a petty thief, in the best Chinese tradition?"
Mr Leijtens reply: "I believe Apple has said once 'Good artists borrow. Great artists steal.' "

IP Dragon is wondering whether Apple will sue Nexocial. If they do, let's see if Mr Leijtens will repeat that one liner in court.
The Nexocial site is not in the air. Don't know what that means.

Read also Willemien Groot's article about Nexocial for Radio Netherlands Worldwide here.


Anonymous said...

Petty thieves? No! Criminals? Yes!
Nexocial, does that mean Not So Social?

I am not an Apple fan, but this is too much.

Peter G.

Unknown said...


My name is Hugo Leijtens. I've read your post with great amusement! It's always fun to see how things can ripped out of context by the media! Most funny however is the quote that you based your opinion on, of me being a copycat. Here is where I got the quote from: Yes! it's most consumer best friend: Steve Jobs.

The nPad itself is based on Windows 7 (Windows C doesn't exist :-) Windows CE is a small device based operating system). Using Windows 7 as a platform it is actually very easy to bring such an device to market.

Thank you all by the way for having taken a look at our press coverage. If you would like to see a small list of other press about our nPad take a look here:


and a one of the very good internet articles:

If you would like to buy one of our nPads don't hesitate to contact us!

Tip Top PR said...

Was Nexocial able to survive? Why did it not seek legal counsel?