Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chinese Companies Are IPR Victims Too

Lin Meilian wrote for the Global Times (China's answer to the BBC or France24) an article about a Chinese company whose IPR is being faked.

Ms Lin writes: "The report in Shenzhen-based Jing Bao quoted Fang Zhen, marketing manager of Crastal Technology (Shenzhen) Company, saying that some of the company's patented products were found to be copied overseas and then imported back to China."

In the article it becomes clear that in order to protect your invention it is essential to file for a patent application and in order to enforce your patent to register it at the customs.

Of course more Chinese inventions, brands and creative works are copied by foreign companies.
According Ms Lin, the procuratorate of Haidian district in Beijing revealed that trademark infringements represent 95 percent of all IPR cases. Of these cases 30 percent involved counterfeiting of the trademarks of local brands.

Read Ms Lin's article here.

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