Friday, November 05, 2010

SOSFakeFlash Cannot Forget: "Fighting Toward A Fake Flash Drive Free World"

SOSFakeFlash, is an interesting initiative. It is a site fighting "Toward a Fake Flash Drive Free World - No More Counterfeits - No More Data Loss" where people can report vendors of fake flash USB drives and MP players.
For example according to SOSFakeFlash liaoqin_25688, registered in China, is an eBay seller of counterfeit Flash USB drives and MP players. So eBay buyers are warned. Of course liaoqin_25688 can start under another name again. The real solution seems to be in a real name validation system.

"As much as financial help is desperately needed for the project - sorry we will not accept or take nay funds from sellers to be on the list [of safe sellers]. The issue is integrity and ethics. Many of us come from an era where those two qualities MATTER! That generation can not be "bought"!

Read more here and the Global Report eBay Fake Memory 2008-2009, here.

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