Monday, December 13, 2010

Three Main Problem Categories To Foreign Related IPR Litigation in China

The President Assistant of the Civil Fifth Court, part of the Beijing Municipal Intermediate People's Court Number 1, Yi Jun gave his view on what are the most important foreign-related IPR ligitation problems. The President Assistant distinguishes three categories of problems:

"1. The status of the person who signs letters of attorney on behalf of foreign companies can not be confirmed;
2. the items to be authorised, delegated authority and the period of validity are stated unclearly;
3. the parties concerned do not fully consider the time on notarisation and authentication procedure and the non-correspondence of the period of appeal and prosecution for foreign parties concerned based on China's Civil Procedure Law, Administrative Procedure Law and other laws."


Dan said...

Thanks for this article - but your "read more" link is broken.
Any way to fix it?

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IP Dragon said...

Hi Dan,

Thanks for pointing this out.

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If you want to share anything about the China University of Political Science and Law and IP in China you are more than welcome!


Dan said...

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Enjoying your blog while I am writing my LL.M. thesis at CUPL, happy to read your interesting articles - thank you again!

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