Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ernst & Young Report: The Benefits of software IPR protection in China

Unlicensed software should be cleaned up
Photo: Danny Friedmann
Not only the Business Software Association writes interesting reports about intellectual property in China in relation to software. Ernst & Young who are in the assurance, tax, transactions and advisory business, just published a report worth reading called:

 The Benefits of software IPR protection in China (28 pages pdf).

The report includes a nice timeline, and the explorations on the following issues:

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Joel Wiramu Pauling said...

copyright protection is important - and having a clearly defined license is only important because of the fact that laws as the stand are too stringent to allow for common sense uses.

Patent protection on software however is a huge NET drain on everyone. Look at the frivolous injunctions apple have been successful in asking for which have cost god knows how much revenue. Anyone arguing the counter is surely failing to appreciate the reality of Patents being racketeering licenses.