Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Exposed Fake Kunming Popular News Story Debunked

Now that Kunming officially is the fake capital of China, IP Dragon sent a stringer there and in the name of genuineness and gonzo journalism we break the following shocking news. The reputable China Hearsay, got a tip from an anonymous blogger in Kunming. China Hearsay's intern Kiki confirmed the news. That all the people that sit in the press room of the highly popular Popular News in Kunming are actors, read here.

As said, IP Dragon did some research of its own: "We got news from our stringer in Kunming, that the anonymous blogger that informed Mr Abrams was in fact Wolfgang Wang." 
The very same Wolfgang Wang started an affair with Kiki, China Hearsay's intern. It became clear that together they fabulated the news that the Popular Press was not a foreign bureau. However, when we tried to  translate the transcripts of  their official reaction we were unable. That foreign. And a background check on Wolfgang Wang demonstrated the following: Wolfgang Wang was misleading Kiki about the origins of the Popular Press, while making a fortune from speculating that its stock price would plummet. And worst of all distracting her from making any real discovery about his fake Kunming BMW dealership.

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