Wednesday, October 12, 2011

You Want To See The Arc de Triomphe? Come To Huaxi Village

If you are Chinese it is not so easy to get a visa to travel to some countries around the world. I suggest that the U.S. and the countries within the European Union might want to revise their policy, since most Chinese understand that they have more chances finding economic opportunities in China then in recession stricken U.S. or Europe.

China's richest village, Huaxi village (华西村), located in Jiangyin city in Jiangsu province, came up with a kind of solution:
You want to see the Arc de Triomphe, come to Huaxi village.
You want to see the White House, come to Huaxi village,
You want to see the Sydney Opera House, come to Huaxi village, see here.

The village copied some wonders of the world, including the Tiananmen gate, and the Great Wall.
Wen Renbao, made the Huaxi village into the richest village of China, by taking the local multi-industry (mostly textiles and steel) company, named Jiangsu West China Group Co., Ltd. (Huaxi Group) to Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Huaxi calls itself a model socialist village. Everybody works seven days per week! The free market combined with the socialist work ethos resulted in a high living standard for each villager. Each family gets a free car, a single family house to European standards worth more than 150,000 euro, free health care and education and cooking oil from the village committee.

When the originals were built no copyright law existed, and the copyright on those works of architecture that were created in the copyright era has expired already. Huaxi village made their investment for the replicas on the assumption that they can lure many Chinese visitors, making their plans to go abroad superfluous. Or since many villagers already went abroad they want to share the world with their fellow Chinese (or as they say in the mini video documentary that since everybody is working seven days per week, there is no time to see the world, so the world must come to Huaxi). Either way, if they are right, the villagers of Huaxi become even more rich.

Hat tip to Cecilia.

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