Friday, January 13, 2012

Microsoft Applies Doctrine of Landlord Liability To Software Piracy

Peter Ollier has an interesting article for Managing Copyright about Microsoft's alleged first landlord liability case to tackle rampant software piracy.

Microsoft is suing Beijing Chaoyang Buynow because two of retailers, Beijing Hongguang Century Trading and Beijing Zhuojue Elements Trading were selling computers with pre-installed counterfeit Microsoft Windows and  Office. 
The other case, whereby Microsoft is suing retailer Shanghai Gome at Shanghai Huangpu District People's Court seems to be a traditional case (at least when Shanghai Gome is a subsidiary of Gome Electrical Appliances Holding Limited)

Read Mr Ollier's article here.

Landlord liability in tort law 
Article 2 Tort Law 2010: Those who infringe upon civil rights and interests shall be subject to the tort liability according to this Law. “Civil rights and interests” used in this Law shall include the right to life, the right to health, the right to name, the right to reputation, the right to honor, right to self image, right of privacy, marital autonomy, guardianship, ownership, usufruct, security interest, copyright, patent right, exclusive right to use a trademark, right to discovery, equities, right of succession, and other personal and property rights and interests.

Article 9 Tort Law 2010: One who abets or assists another person in committing a tort shall be liable jointly and severally with the tortfeasor. One who abets or assists a person who does not have civil conduct capacity or only has limited civil conduct capacity in committing a tort shall assume the tort liability; the guardian of such a person without civil conduct capacity or with limited civil conduct capacity shall assume the relevant liability if failing to fulfill his guardian duties. 

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