Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Peter Ollier interviews Netac's Vincent Zhong

Netac Technology was the first Chinese company that sued an American company, PNY Technologies of Texas, for patent infringement (USB flash memory). The two companies settled their patent dispute out of court in March, read more here.
Mr Peter Ollier interviewed Mr Vincent Zhong, vice-president of Netac Technologies about the dispute.

In the interview Mr Zhong tells that Netac Technology is litigating against a Taiwanese company that they accuse of breaching their Taiwanese patent.

Possible explanations for why Netac Technology is the IP avant garde of China is that this company is focusing more on R&D than on production and that two of its have worked for IP savvy Philips in Singapore.

Read Mr Ollier's article''Meet China's litigation pioneer' for Managing Intellectual Property here.

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