Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Wanfang Data Accused of Unauthorised Inclusion of Dissertations

480 accademics have accused Wanfang Data of including their dissertation without any permission in the database "Disseratations of China" that was offered to libraries. To make a work public without authorisation and to copy a work without authorisation is both copyright infringment. At the Beijing Chaoyang People's Court the accademics demand a public apology from Wanfang Data and compensation for their economic losses and emotional distress.

Mr Stan Abrams of China Hearsay writes: "Damages per person are RMB 7,000 (a little over one thousand USD). If there was only one or two defendants, would this case have ever been filed? If you were a lawyer, could you afford to take that case? (Be honest.)

Read more about it on China Hearsay here, that is using ChinaTechNews.com as its source, see here.

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