Saturday, November 27, 2010

Copied Gun Manufacturer Starts Campaign Against Manufacturers of Copied Copied Guns

MadBull Airsoft launched Operation Copycat', a campaign against counterfeit and cloned airsoft (in between real and toy) guns, read here.

"The enforcement of intellectual properties of gun manufacturers and gear makers in airsoft has been ongoing for sometime now. We know of Umarex, Cybergun, and Magpul on the watch for companies, and mostly at the retail end to block the export and sales of clones and unlicensed products coming out from the Far East, mainly from Mainland China."

Airsoft is a hobby for grown-ups that like to use 1:1 replicas of real guns to shoot each other with plastic pellets. Read more here.

A manufacturer of copied guns that starts a campaign against a manufacturer of copied copied guns? Is this not tu quoque? Well the airsoft manufacturer has the license of the gunmaker to use the design from the manufacturers of the real guns. In some jurisdictions the licensee of a trademark, copyright or design right can enforce the right of the intellectual property holder. Then the airsoft manufacturer has its own trademark and might have copyright and design rights (if it is visible).

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