Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Fry Phone: Fry Your Brain With Phoney Phone (HiPhone5)

By Michiel Tjoe-Awie

Fake phone

Yang Xi reports for China.org.cn about the Chinese copycat of the Apple iPhone5 that hits the market. Of course it can do what the leaked iPhone5 can do, but it is served with a free dessert: fried brains. Fried brains are cheap. The HiPhone5 is sold for a price that ranges from only 200 Renminbi (31 US dollar) to 1,000 Renminbi (156 US dollar), while you probably have to pay around 7,800 Rmb (1,210 dollar) for the genuine thing (with approved levels of radiation).

Yang writes: "Testing by the Chinese government labs found the fake phones had quality problems, including high electromagnetic radiation levels, said He Guili, a professor at the Chinese Academy of Telecommunication Research."

The makers of the HiPhone5 seem not to have cared too much for the long term health risks that threatens the users. Therefore one is wise to take a risk-avers course of action and don’t exchange “change” for “brains” in case of unapproved counterfeit/copycat phones.

Read Yang's article here.

Even officially approved phones might have damaging long term effects to our health, read here.

Fake site
Josh Smith of GottaBeMobile breaks the news of a very smooth but fake iPhone5 site. To be more precise, the site is real but it pretends to be representing a firm that it's not.
Put on your detective’s head, get out your magnifying glass and do Sherlock Holmes: check the video and figure out what makes the site fake. Hint: think Steve Jobs' legendary eye for detail.

Read Mr Smith's article here.

Read also the Daily Mail article 'The 'hiPhone 5': Fake Chinese version of latest Apple device on sale MONTHS before the real thing is unveiled' here. Thanks Nick Redfearn.

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