Monday, August 15, 2011

Must Read Monday: Kan Zu On The Art Of Patent Enforcement

Medium shifting from Sun Tzu to Kan Zu:
patents instead of arms,
LED screen instead of bamboo

Sun Tzu wrote about the Art of War. Competition between companies is a kind of war, whereby the only potential fatality is the bankruptcy of a company. The offensive and defensive weaponry are patents. Kan Zu, attorney at Unitalen, wrote as a modern day Sun Tzu a highly interesting treatise on patents: 'The Influence of New Patent Law and Interpretation on Patent Enforcement in China'. It deals with double patenting, design patents, claim construction and interpretation, doctrine of equivalents and file wrapper estoppel, means-plus-function claims, prior art defenses, declaratory judgments and remedies.

Prepare for battle, read Kan Zu's article here.

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