Thursday, December 01, 2005

Guangdong Meiko Music and Video Co. Ltd. is sueing 50 alleged piracy companies

"We have filed altogether some 1,000 lawsuits on the Chinese mainland over piracy and won most of them," said Zhong Yigang, the lawyer for Guangdong Meika. "In addition to getting consumers to pay attention to protection of intellectual property rights and buy copyrighted things, we also want to cover part of our losses in this way."

Lu Weimin, chief justice of the IPR division at the No. 2 court, said that IPR cases are an increasing trend in recent years. But Liu Chunquan, an IP lawyer, said:

"Some small company owners will just shut down the business because it is cheaper to open a new company than paying the compensation," said Liu Chunquan, a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property."

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