Thursday, December 22, 2005

2.47 million trademark registrations in China

See article here.

China recognised the 'recognition of foreign well-known marks' since 2004 (See article 6bis of the Paris Convention). Finally, China has been a signatory of the Paris Convention and this treaty went into force in China already on March 19, 1985.
The Paris Convention started with the recognition of foreign well-known marks, to prevent that these well known marks had to be registered in every country in order to be protected. Without these well-known marks a company in a country where let's say Coca-Cola did not register could start to use Coca-Cola as a trademark.

Another sign of progress in the field of trademark could be that in June 2005, the Trademark Administration circulated draft amendments to its Regulation on the timely Transfer of Suspected Criminal Cases in the Enforcement of Administrative Law, which must facilitate effective trademark enforcement and protection. Source: USTR 2005 report.

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