Tuesday, December 06, 2005

IP Express of Rouse & Co. International nr. 268 is online

Lawfirm Rouse & Co. International has an excellent newsletter about IP called China IP Express. It has already published number 268 and an archive dating back to 1999. See here.

In it you can read about a landmark litigation relating to registrability of colour-combination trade mark accepted by Beijing No.1 Intermediate Court.
A bit strange is that the applicant, "a famous company from Sweden" and "an internationally well-known manufacturer and distributor of saw blades" which registered the colour-combination bright orange and blue as a trademark stays anonymous throughout the article.

The other article is about the settlement between General Motors and Chery in their IP disputes that focusedon: "1.GM considered that Chery's mini car "QQ" copied its "Matiz" and "Spark" car, and Chery even used a camouflaged "Matiz" car to pass auto tests to acquire authorization from the government over production and sales of "QQ" car.
2. Chery's "Chery" name is to much like GM's "Chevrolet" or "Chevy", which has been GM's top selling brand for eight decades."

Read about Chery's new IP dispute with Tencent about QQ here.

Read China IP Express here.

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