Friday, December 23, 2005

IP protection crucial for Chinese car industry and for the environment

If you think about China and cars it is easy to see doom scenario's. If every Chinese wants a car that surely would result in environmental disaster. But according to the Xinhua article, China's car producers have realised that they cannot beat producers of cars with internal combustion engines. So now their strategy is electrical cars etc. To shield their technology intellectual property becomes of critical importance to the success of China's car producers.

In Xinhua it said:
"Electrically-operated cars might change the whole picture, which is China's hope to catch up with the world's advanced economies. China shipped 106 electric cars to the United States by December. Lagging far behind from motor vehicles powered by internal combustion engines, China is almost on a par with the world's advanced nations in developing electrically-powered cars, which include battery-powered autos and fuel cell autos.
"Independent development, the possession of intellectual property and technological innovation, and mass production will be crucial for Chinese automobile makers to make breakthroughs," Han (Yuan a manufacturing engineer) said. "Considering energy and the environment," he said, "electric cars are the best solution."

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When will companies such as Geely, Chery, Chang'an, Hafei, and Great Wall start sueing American, European and Japanese companies for alleged IP infringements?

The Happy Messenger
In the ShanghaiDaily I found an article about Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co Ltd of Tianjin. This is a good example of a producer and owner of all intellectual property rights of multiple purpose electrical cars, which seems to be the child of the 863 programme initiated by the late Deng Xiaoping and followed-up by three successive 5-year plans. Now there is a rise of sales in the US of this electrical car. So the long-term strategy is finally bearing fruit. The name of the car is suitable indeed: the Happy Messenger.

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