Thursday, December 15, 2005

US Trade Respresentative Report about China's WTO compliance

December 11th, the USTR published a report about China's WTO compliance, including China's adherence to TRIPS. Pages 63 to 73 of the report cover IPR protection:

"Overal, China's efforts to bring its framework of laws, regulations and implementing rules into compliance with the TRIPS Agreement have been largely satisfactory, although some improvements, particularly in rapidly emerging areas such as Internet copyright protection, are still needed.

Enforcement of these measures, however, remained largely ineffective in 2005 giving rise to increasingly strong concerns amons US industry.

...many US companies, particularly in the media and entertainment, see their copied products migrate into mainland markets even while the legitimate products remains barred by regulation.

Sustained involvement by China's learders is critical if China is to deliver on the commitments that it made at the April 2005 and July 2005 JCCT meetings, including China's core commitment to significantly reduce IPR infringement levels across the country."

Read the report here.

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