Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The year in IP

ChinaDaily recently published the article titled: 'The IPR Year'.

This article gives an overview of some of the (alleged) IP infringement cases in China:

Intel vs. Shenzhen Dongjin
Hisense Group vs. Bosch-Siemens
Wuxi Multimedia vs 3C Group (Sony, Philips, Pioneer)
Unilin Beheer B.V. of the Netherlands, Flooring Industries Ltd of Ireland, and US firm Unilin Flooring vs. 30 companies (16 of which are from china).
Universal, EMI, Warner, Sony BMG and their local subsidiaries, Cinepoly, Go East and Gold Label vs. Baidu
GM Daewoo auto technology company (GMDAT) and GM vs. Chery (Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. and Wuling Motor Corp)
Tencent vs. Chery

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