Wednesday, January 04, 2006

"MBA in IP Piracy"

Paul Tan from Malysia raves and rants on the automobile industry:

1. Laibao SR-V vs. Honda CR-V
2. Geely Merie vs. old C-class and E-class Mercedes Benz
3. Chery QQ vs. Chevy Spark
4. GreatWall Motors vs. Toyota Hilux
5. Sing SUV vs. Nissan X-Trail
6. Hongda vs. Honda
See some of the results of China's "MBA in IP piracy" alumni here.

Paul wrote that Geely ripped off Toyota’s logo. But I don't agree. Look for your self: Toyota and Geely. Someone, under the name of 'kkrit ilovewasa said', pointed to the similaries between Toyota and Zhonghua. That's another story.

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