Monday, February 20, 2006

Shenzhen Netac sues Texas PNY Technologies for patent infringement

No, I did not put the protaganists in the title in the wrong order.

Xinhua Online covers the story of Netac, a Shenzhen based flash-memory card producer that said is has filed a lawsuit against U.S. competitor PNY Technologies for alleged infringements of one of its patents. Read more here

Roger Parloff from Fortune Magazine wrote: "In its home court in Shenzhen the litigious maker of OnlyDisk flash memory drives has already brought patent suits against domestic competitor Beijing Hua Qi, Taiwanese manufacturer Acer and Japans Sony. (Hua Qi lost in June 2004 but has appealed; Acer settled; the Sony suit is in an early phase.) Netac chief executive Deng Guoshun has also rattled sabres in the Chinese press in recent years, warning the likes of SanDisk, Dell (Research), Hewlett-Packard (Research), and Apple (Research) (which uses flash memory in its iPod Shuffle and Nano) that Netac is investigating possible infringement by them as well." Read more here.

Peter Zura's Two-Seventy-One Patent Blog has a good post about it called 'Man Bites Dog' here.

Since there has been an explosion of Chinese companies filing patents, see here, this may be a preview of things to come.

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