Thursday, March 09, 2006

CEO Danfoss Answers McKinsey About IPR in China Strategy

Jørgen M. Clausen, CEO of Danfoss, a Danish manufacturer of valves, compressors etc. was interviewed about this company's strategy to make China their second home market. Of cource, William E. Hoover Jr., the interviewer, asked Clausen how he protected Danfoss' intellectual property.

Jørgen Clausen said that may Chinese companies copy their products, but that Danfoss has adopted a policy of going after them systematically, especially the ones that export the copies from China to other countries. (..) "We managed to locate the Chinese company manufacturing the copies, documented our case well, and then went to the police. The police raided the company, confiscated the goods, and the owner was sent to jail."

After that the PR agent of Danfoss encouraged Chinese newspapers to cover the events and praise the police and judge.

Read The Quarterly interview with Clausen here (free registration).

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