Friday, March 03, 2006

Exhibition Regulation Must End IPR Infringement

During exhibitions rights holders want to steal the show with prototypes of their new products, but instead, oftentimes their intellectual property got stolen by pirates.

A new regulation issued by the Ministry of Commerce, SAIC, NCA and SIPO must decrease the risk that exhibitions become cesspools of vice, so that IPR's are better protected.

exhibition organizers have to strengthen the protection and auditing of IPR protection of exhibits.

Exhibitions that will be held for over three days should established an office to handle complaints about IPR infringement. Corresponding departments are to accept and hear cases involving IPR infringement.
Exhibition organizers and participants that have infringed IPR may be prohibited from holding or joining exhibitions again.

The regulation can be seen as a result from a declaration of the Chinese exhibition industry:
"In January this year, about 1,000 organizations in China's exhibition industry jointly signed a declaration, promising to rule out any IPR infringement in their exhibitions."

Xinhua reports the story here.

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