Wednesday, March 15, 2006

MPAA Wants Cinema Owners Join Fight against Piracy

Hollywood movies took a tumble in 2005, by 9 percent. Dan Glickman, Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)'s Chief executive wants theatre owners join the battle against movie piracy. Glickman is focusing at the root of the problem and wants to stop the cinema-goers with a camcorder (supposedly 90 percent of the problem) shooting the whole movie and putting it on the internet or selling illegal bootlegs via DVDs in places as far as China. Read Dave West's article for Digital Spy here.

MPAA has set up, which includes a programme to reward theater owners for completing a training (US$ 300) and reporting illegal recording activity (US$500 per incident). Read Greg Kilday's story for Reuters/Hollywood Reporter here.

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