Monday, March 13, 2006

"Starbucks Is Getting Red Carpet Treatment in China Because It Cannot Be Copied"

Joseph Pratt, media specialist at ICMD, is ranting about Starbucks in China for Daily India.

About the Starbucks (Xingbake) court case Pratt wrote:
"I wonder if the local coffee merchant thought he had a chance? Did the Chinese judge think long and hard about the various merits each side had? Were economic ministers in Beijing curious as to how this case would turn? There was no drama. An accomplished CEO like Schultz wouldn’t publicly refer to such lofty goals to succeed in countries like China without knowing he could reach it beforehand. Somebody in Beijing likes them, or again, likes the revenue they generate."

Pratt supposes Starbucks is getting a red carpet treatment in China "not because they think the CEO is a nice guy, but because their product, its distribution channels and everything can’t be copied." Read more here.

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