Friday, March 24, 2006


Silk Alley Shopkeepers Donate to Young Students, PR Stunt?

Silk Alley Shopkeepers, infamous for selling counterfeit products, have donated RMB 600.000 to the Beijing Youth Development Fund. Are they sincerely concerned about the education of 1000 rural girls or is it just a PR ploy to shed their counterfeit image?
Read here China CSR story here.

Silk Alley (Xiushuijie) in Beijing will close down because of security reasons. Xiangyang market in Shanghai will close down aswell, read here.

The New Silk Alley market, next door, is near completion. Read here.

Will New Silk Alley market be a fresh start free from counterfeit products?

Read more about Silk Alley market here.

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