Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Travails and Trademark Dispute of Mini Media Mogul Mark Kitto

Mark Kitto, who founded three English language magazines called That's Shanghai, That's Beijing and That's Guangzhou, "to get the most out of life" in those respective cities, wrote about building up his "mini media empire" (as FT coined it), power struggle with the Chinese authorities, and trademark dispute. Great read, here.

Dan Harris of Chinese Law Blog blogged extensively about it:
'That's China And It Ain't Always Pretty', here;
But Travis Hodgkin of Asia Business Law was not satisfied with the explanations for Kitto's apt cultural responses in times of adversity and delfed deeper. NTC’s Dictionary of China’s Cultural Code Words and the I Ching (no less) helped Travis on his quest for answers, read 'That's China and The Necessary Cultural Acumen', here.

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