Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Copyright Allegations Against Super Girls' Producer and Against Album Cover

Super Girl's producer is accused of IPR infringement, writes the China Daily using Xinhua as a source. Besides, having doubts about the originality of the Super Girls format (very similar to American Idol), read more here, the highly successful voice competition TV program chose, according to Ma Jichao, director of the Legal Department of the Chinese Association of Music Intellectual Property Rights, a large number of famous Chinese and English songs without applying for the rights to use them."

"Ma said that Tianyu Entertainment Media Co., producer of the contest used the songs for commercial purpose. Winners from the contest are still using the songs on a nationwide promotion tour, which seriously infringed the copyrights of the songs."

If Hunan Satellite Television is not responding within this month, Ma will lodge a law suit and claim 500,000-yuan (62,500 US dollars) compensation. Read more here.

Cover of supergirl's first album challenged
"Super Voice Girl 2005 champion Li Yuchun's first album cannot be published due to copyright problems with the album cover, Beijing Times reports. According to the accuser Mr. Long, he once shot several photos of Li Yuchun and uploaded the photos to the Sichuan Travel BBS. However, Long found those photos being used on the cover for Li¡¯s first album. The court confirmed the allegation and ordered Guangxi Culture Audio & Video Publishing House delete all pirated content before releasing the album."

Source: Pacific Epoch

Li Yichun's iconisation is covered by Time Magazine, here.

UPDATE September 21, 2011: SARFT "Super Girl is corrupting China's youth".

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