Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy World IP Day 好世界知識產權節

Today is World Intellectual Property Day, an initiative of WIPO and an excuse for celebration.
What are the events China has organised to celebrate this day?

At the list of states that organised events in observance of World Intellectual Property Day, China is not one of them. According to the WIPO archive China did not organise anything for this day in 2005, 2004, 2003. However, they organised a lot of things in 2002, see here. That may be because it was the 20th Anniversary of China's Trademark Law. In 2001 was the first time the day was celebrated.

China's lack of World IP day events probably has to do with the fact that the April 26th falls on a Tuesday this year. So most people are working. Last Sunday, at least the Hong Kong Intellectual Property Department and the Hong Kong Scout Association organised a 'fun fair' at Kowloon Park Piazza to raise awareness for IPR's. In Hong Kong scouts are recruted to promote respect for IPR:
"23 scout leaders who were the first group of qualified Scout "Respect for Intellectual Property Rights" Instructors." Read Xinhua's articly by Mo Hong'e here. Read more about recruting youth to inform the Hong Kong governement about IP infringements here.

Read about China's focus on books instead of copyright during World Book and Copyright Day here.

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