Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Music Plagiarism in China: Heard It All Before

Danwei, an interesting site about Chinese media, advertising and urban life, has every now and then posts about intellectual property law in China. Now it has an article about the alleged plagiarism of Beijing band Shuimu Nianhua that made a song called Forever young that resemblances Liquid, a song by the American band Jars of Clay. Joel Martinsen of Danwei put the beginnings of both songs on an mp3-file for the reader to decide for himself.
Read and listen here.

In Plagiarism in Chinese Music is blooming or whithering? you can decide if The Flowers, a Chinese band ripped off Puffi AmiYumi's song K2G with a similar song called Xi Shua Shua? Read and listen here.

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