Saturday, May 13, 2006

HK ISP's Must Give Personal Data Of File-Sharers, 16-year-old Arrested

Three Hong Kong movie companies; Hero China International Ltd, One Hundred Years of Film Co. and Applause Pictures Ltd., demanded that the internet service providers Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd., i-Cable Webserve Ltd., PCCW IMS Ltd. and Hutchison Global Communications Ltd give the names of users who download movies online using file-sharing technology. After the movie companies' victory in court the ISP's have been given three weeks to comply.

A 16-year- old student was arrested by the Anti-Internet Piracy Team (which was formed in 2000 and it has since solved nine Internet piracy cases, which has led to the arrest of 13 people), because he operated a personal website that offered 600 pirated songs for free download.

Read Jack Myers' Earth Times article here.

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