Tuesday, May 02, 2006

How to Ease China's Enforcement Burden?

In Xinhua's article IPR protection faces enforcement conundrum it is written that despite the statistics about fighting IP infringements you can still buy counterfeit DVD's throughout Beijing.

"Typical is a DVD shop set up in a main-floor suite of an apartment complex which even has a flashing neon DVD sign in the window. Standing in front of a rack of the latest U.S. blockbusters the owner is ready and willing to convert to selling the real thing. "We don't want to keep on selling 'daoban' ('outlaw' copies). We'll be happy to sell the legal copies and charge whatever they want." he says."

To fight intellectual property infringement Mark Cohen, intellectual property attache of the U.S. Embassy to Beijing is also looking at the opposite end of enforcement. Cohen is advocating non-enforcement measures such as opening the market, speeding up market access and developing markets with legitimate goods, so people don't have to buy counterfeit goods. Like the price cut strategy of Warner Bros. and getting more people in cinemas, read more here.

Read Xinhua's article here.

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