Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Infringement of Copyright of the English Learning Products and that of the Personality Of Big Mountain

"Hebei Education Press (HBEP) recently sued Shanghai-based English learning product provider OZing and its distributors San Cai Digital and OZing Beijing in Beijing No.2 Intermediary People's Court for copyright infringement, Beijing Star Daily reports."
Source Pacific Epoch.

HBEP is accusing OZing of plagiarizing its English textbooks and tapes in its English learning machines. The alleged infringer, OZing is endorsed by Canadian Mark Rowswell, who is well known in China as Da Shan (大山). HBEP demands that OZing publishes an apology in China Book Business Report and China Xinwen Chuban Bao and pay 11.09 million Yuan in compensation.

One thing is it to infringe on someone's copyright, but what about infringing on someone's personality? This seems to be a fact of life for Da Shan a.k.a. Mark Rowswell. Read here how ordinary non-Chinese pass of as Da Shan and seem to get away with it.
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