Monday, May 22, 2006

Reply of Pierre Haski on the Authorisation of the Ma Yan Diary Publication

April 25th, IP Dragon posted an article about a Chinese girl Ma Yan who made a diary that was given to Pierre Haski by her mother to edit it. Haski made it into a book, which was made into a Chinese propaganda movie according to Haski, who is trying to stop foreign film festivals to show it, because it does not represent the book. At the end of the blog IP Dragon wrote: However, since Ma Yan's mother is not the author of the work, the preliminary question should be: Did Ma Yan gave authorisation to publish the work in the first place? Read the article and relevant provisions of Chinese personal rights here.

Pierre Haski answered this question by commenting to the IP Dragon blog:

"My name is Pierre Haski and as I'm involved in the topic you are discussing, here is the answer to the last question you ask : Ma Yan did not authorize her mother to give me her diary, but this gesture saved her and her family. However, Ma Yan authorized the publication of her diary as a book, she signed a contract and receives royalties as a co-author. She is giving back 25% of her rights to a foundation helping other poor kids to go to school : 1200 of them helped this school year in Southern Ningxia. All things that the authors and producers of the film refused to do : they would not pay a cent, let alone to the authors, but just to help the effort that was born out of the diary, to help poor kids access education. That's all this is about.Best regards. And thanks for your interest for this story." PH pierre haski 05.15.06 - 6:27 pm

Thank you Pierre for answering the question.

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