Saturday, May 27, 2006

Silk Alley Market Case Based On Unimplemented Regulation?

Remember the Silk Alley Market case? (refresh your mind here). On what law was this very important decision based? According to the China Law Digest, a bilingual monthly web digest, the "Assistant Director of the Center for Intellectual Property Rights of the China Academy of Social Sciences, Li Shunde, said that the statute the Beijing High Court used was not a new regulation but has never been truly implemented in the past."

I take it that this quote is referring to the Silk Alley Market case and not to the Louis Vuitton versus Beijing Chaowaimen Shopping Mall Limited Company case that was also mentioned in the article. I would really like to know more about the aforementioned statute, that supposedly was never been truly implemented in the past. Anybody?

Read the China Law Digest article here (free subscription). And why doesn't the China Law Digest use links?

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