Monday, June 19, 2006

Fatal Fake Fags From China Seized In Northern Ireland

""These things originate in China and are made in factories that are subterranean cabins you access through a hole in the ground", said Paul Gerrard, deputy head of UK Customs enforcement.
Read Ciaran McGuigan's article for Sunday Life here.

Chinese counterfeits of brand-name cigarettes (that are already deadly) contained:
  • five times as much cadmium as normal ones (which can also severely damage lungs and is linked with kidney disease);
  • nearly six times as much lead (which damages the organs and nervous system)
  • high levels of arsenic (which increases the risks of lung, liver and other cancers)
  • 160% more tar;
  • 80% more nicotine;
  • 133% more carbon dioxide.

Read Suzanne Breen's article for the Sunday Tribune here.

Made underground, these cigs surely can get you there too.

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