Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Chinese Customs' Stats Of First Half 2006

Yangtze Yan of Xinhua wrote about the General Administration of Customs (GAC) statistics over the first half of 2006.
  • 1,076 cases of intellectual property rights were prosecuted;
  • 39 million fakes were seized with a total value of more than 68 million yuan (8.5 million U.S. dollars);
  • Guangzhou customs on May 24: seized 108,000 bottles of counterfeit medicine from Hong Kong named Wong To Yick worth 1.89 million yuan;
  • Xiamen customs in May seized 672 pieces of children's clothing suspected of illegally carrying the 2008 Olympic trademark mascots.;
  • Tianjin customs seized 4,150 school bags carrying the 2009 Olympic trademark being exported to Cameroon.

Besides seizing counterfeit goods in ports the GAC uncovered via Fuzhou Customs 157 cases of mail fraud.

Read Yan's article here.

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