Wednesday, September 27, 2006

China Will Dominate Semiconductor Industry In 5 Years, IPR Will Follow

Jonathan Hopfner reports for the Electronic Engineering Times about what Philip Koh, a Singapore-based research vice president with analyst firm Gartner, forcasted a week ago about the semiconductor industry.

"China will account for 60 percent of the $118 billion Asian semiconductor market by 2010, up from 49 percent today."

And with this increased manufacturing and consumption, intellectual property will be increasingly concentrated in China too. Read Hopfner's article here.

According to Ernest Linek, IP attorney at Banner & Witcoff, there are multiple reasons for optimism if one looks at IPR in China. Linek states that the progress and potential of IPR in China is exemplified by what has happened and is happening in the semiconductor industry. See the article in the China Trade Law Report here (click on the subscription link, it's free for now).
Head tip to Dan Harris of China Law Blog, who is in the board of editors.

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