Thursday, September 28, 2006

Sceptical and Jubilant Views On the 100 Day Campaign Against Piracy

Emma Moore, an expat from New Zealand living in China, wrote an interesting article called The Chinese Rip Off for Scoop. She is discussing the 100 Day Campaign Against Piracy that started July 15, 2006:

"This week, government officials announced the destruction of almost 13 million pirated CDs, DVDs and computer software in the wake of a 100-day anti-piracy crackdown started on July 15. The campaign shut down 8,907 shops and vendors but these often reopen days later, or reopen with illegal goods hidden in back rooms."

Moore is not hiding any scepticism about IPR enforcement in China:
"As is so often the case in China, the appearance of taking vigorous action masks the reality that little or no action is being taken at all."

Read Moore's article here.

On a more positive note: PR firm Edelman wrote an article for Warner Bros. Home Entertainment about Superman's return at legitimate sales boots in China because of the 100 Day Campaign Against Piracy. Here, the author is letting the campaign start already in June.

"The government's 100 Day Campaign is clearly having an impact on the legal market," said Mark Horak, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Warner Home Video, Asia Pacific and Latin America. "We are achieving significant increases in sales through our current retail network and, with the close support of government anti-piracy initiatives, are building a wide distribution network of new retail partners."

Read more here.

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