Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Standardised Confucius' Image Might Backfire

China Confucius Foundation has commissioned a statute in Qufu, the birth place of the great sage.

To standardise the image of Confucius the world over, the statute will be used as the official copyrighted image.

Read the Xinhua article here and the Richard Spencer's article for the Telegraph here, to whom the China Daily article was linking here.

However, the consequence could be that if illustrators want to make use of the official portrait of K'ung-fu-tzu 孔夫子 they have to ask permission and/or pay a remuneration.
This might be a disincentive to use the standardised portrait and keep using other interpretations in illustrations and statutes.

The century old sage is in the news, so I refer to the news on current affairs exception of article 5 Copyright Law to use these images of Confucius.

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